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We do not have a server in our company. We do have a Windows 7 Pro box that is used for our Avaya IP Office and Voicemail Pro. It also runs some basic automation tasks. When I asked the sales individual about this, she incorrectly said Windows 7 Pro is not supported by Microsoft and thereby AMC doesn't suggest installing it on that OS. Here's the link to the factsheet showing support has been extended to 2020

She also said all installation support questions should be asked through this forum. Interestingly, the original invite to the support page was not configured correctly, causing me to look up who to ask for an invite. Luckily Paul Martin jumped on that quickly.

So, here's my question. Can the adapter be used on a Windows 7 Pro in place of a server?

When looking doing research on the product, nowhere on the site does it talk about the technical requirements. When I asked sales questions, it was about functionality. It was not until we signed the contract was the technical requirement explained. Thanks


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Hello Bob,

Thank you for choosing to work with AMC Technology and I do apologize on the time it has taken to reply to this post but I wanted to make sure I tested before I responded. 

When you spoke to the person regarding support for Windows 7, she was correct, it is not under Mainstream support, it is under Extended Support.  Extended support is somewhat similar to Mainstream support but Extended support means Microsoft does remove some support options like request to change, non-security updates and complimentary support.  You can find this here:

Under section: “24. What is the difference between Mainstream Support, Extended Support, and Self-help Online Support for software products?”

Aside from that, I have tested basic functionality for ad-hoc dialing, click to dial, conference, transfer, inbound calls and activities within Salesforce to work properly, again only testing basic functions using Windows 7 as the server.

Since Windows 7 is not a Server Operating system, we cannot guarantee how it might operate with a few users logged in and if there might be performance issues in the future.  It is suggested you test any Windows 7 updates prior to having your agents use the product in Production.

That said, AMC Technology recommends and currently only tests on, Windows Server 2012.  This is Microsoft’s latest fully supported Server Operating System as of this posting.

Thank you for pointing out the issue you had with the Forum invitation link, that has been corrected.

Apologies on the lack of technical information.  We are building a FAQ that will be customer facing on the Express buy now page.  We will also look into other ways to be sure customers have access to all the information they require before making a buying decision.

Thank you Bob, and I hope I have answered your question.  Please feel free to reply if you require additional information.

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