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    Bundle new installs to be automatic

    Suggested by Leonard Silon Completed  1 Comments

    Today any time there is an update there are like 50 things the admin must do. Why not have one .exe file that does most of the work for you? Today it leaves the door open for too much human error because of all the manual steps that must be done.

    When SFDC installs an update, there is nothing for me to do and the install is done in 5 minutes

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    Quick text like in SFDC console

    Suggested by Leonard Silon Completed  1 Comments

    We would like to have user maintained quick text that would be saved at the user level. Users can then save the text they use more often to have it easily put into the description to save a ton of time typing

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    range of CDN numbers in conf.ini file

    Suggested by DSI_Telecom IMA Accepted  0 Comments

    The list of CDN has to be updated when adding new numbers.
    -> is it possible to add a range of numbers like "97**" for all numbers from 9700 to 9799. Instead of listing them one by one?

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    Enable transfer while on hold

    Suggested by Sebastian Alvarez Rejected  0 Comments

    Sometimes Agents needs to hold the customers before initiate a transfer, currently in salesforce integration agents cannot put the customer on hold and then initiate a transfer.

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    Enable Click to Dial feature on transfers

    Suggested by Sebastian Alvarez Completed  0 Comments

    In Salesforce integration when an agent needs to transfer a call he needs to manually type in the phone where he wants to transfer the call , would be useful if the agents could use the click to dial feature to start a transfer an not just to initiate a completely new call.

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    Enable bookmarks for SAP BCM<->Salesforce integration

    Suggested by Sebastian Alvarez Rejected  0 Comments

    Bookmarks are a powerful feature that would be nice to be enabled for SAP BCM<->Salesforce integration, this will give us capabilities that at the moment cannot be accomplished in our Service Cloud environment

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    Enable SSO with Windows AD or a Cloud based solution

    Suggested by Sebastian Alvarez Completed  1 Comments

    I know there is a option for SSO by passing credentials from the web browser, but this works mostly with IE only and IE is not compatible with salesforce lightning. Would be good to have the option to link the AMC users to a AD so they can use SSO features to log in instead of entering their AMC pw every time they log in.

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    Settings that edit css for important divs in toolbar.

    Suggested by Raymond Garcia Accepted  0 Comments

    It would be nice to have some settings in the admin portal that allow for quick edits to the salesforce toolbar's css. For instance, the ability to change the font size in critical places could save time and make slight, yet valuable customizations very clear and easy to edit by a less technical user. 

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    AMC IA Configuration Manager not to allow creation of duplicate extension

    Suggested by Jacek Chodera Accepted  0 Comments

    This is a follow up on AMC-00269-S5L8F9

    We realized that the AMC IA Configuration Manager allows to create inconsistencies when adding new agents.
    In particular - it allows to assign many agents to the same extension. As a result we have had in the past many incidents related to the inconsistent setup.

    The AMC IA Config Manager should not allow to create an agent and assign it to an already existing extension.
    -> It is a kind request to provide a fix to this big.

    Kind regards,

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    Add functionality to support call recording

    Suggested by Aimee Stinson Rejected  0 Comments

    manually initiate call recording

    notification of call recording in progress

    reporting or pointer to call recording

    *support for Nice, Calabrio