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    Settings that edit css for important divs in toolbar.

    Suggested by Raymond Garcia Accepted  0 Comments

    It would be nice to have some settings in the admin portal that allow for quick edits to the salesforce toolbar's css. For instance, the ability to change the font size in critical places could save time and make slight, yet valuable customizations very clear and easy to edit by a less technical user. 

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    Add functionality to support call recording

    Suggested by Aimee Stinson Rejected  0 Comments

    manually initiate call recording

    notification of call recording in progress

    reporting or pointer to call recording

    *support for Nice, Calabrio

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    Disable screen popup for internal extension - SAP CRM

    Suggested by Michal Raz Accepted  1 Comments

    We would like to disable the screen popup when the call is from an internal extension.
    Our internal extensions have only 3 digits. When an agent receives an internal call – there is no need to open a new session in the WebUI.

    We would like AMC to check whether it is possible to define that if the call is identified by AMC as an internal call (i.e. under 5 digits) – the ANI details of this call should not be communicated to SAP.

    Michal Raz
    Scope Metals Group


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    Specify Default WorkMode During Login

    Suggested by Karthik Jayaraman Rejected  0 Comments

    Hello everyone :)

    Here is what we are looking for from the AMC OpenCTI adapter. Please read below for more details.


    Current Setup
    1. Cisco PG Server has the default workmode set to "Auto In", i.e. the parameter /defworkmode auto has been added
    2. Phone has the setting to "Manual In"


    1. How do we specify the work mode in OpenCTI server/CRM profile during either login to the phone (OR) changing the state on the phone from Aux -> Ready?
    2. We are looking to set the work mode as "Manual In", so we can override the "Auto In" setting in the PG
    We cannot find any such parameter(s) in profile settings
    Can you please offer more details?


    What we are looking for?
    1. Leave the PG server with its default work mode as "auto"
    2. In AMC Contact Canvas Server, specify the work mode as "manual in"
    - either as a global setting during server startup
    - or, during an agent login, as an additional parameter
    - or, when changing state to Ready, as an additional parameter

    3. The "Pending Work Mode" feature is not going to help us as we would like to have the agents not have to choose additional options during a call.


    Appreciate your time and cooperation :)



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    Expand handling of Second call coming in while a Preview Call is Presented

    Suggested by Ron Campbell Rejected  1 Comments

    When a call is presented in Preview and a second call comes in, we have noticed;

    if that second call comes in, it does not pop the record

    If that second call has two records attached to that number, it shows the names, but does not give the Advanced search options


    What we would like to see happen for that second call coming in is that the record for the second call is popped, or if it is attached to 2 records or more it gives the advanced search pop up, as it does if it is a single call.

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    Track time between when a call is presented and answered

    Suggested by Ron Campbell Completed  1 Comments

    • We would like to be able to track the time between when a call is presented to an advisor and when the call is accepted.

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    Require a disposition when advisor skips or rejects a call

    Suggested by Ron Campbell Rejected  0 Comments

    We would like to be able to require a disposition when an advisor skips or closes a call

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    Please Provide Unit Testing for Hot fixes

    Suggested by Ron Campbell Completed  1 Comments

    Given the depth needed for regression testing in dev environments for hotfixes, I feel there is a need to begin supplying unit test for hotfixes that test previous functionality after installation of a hotfix.


    Hope this is something that AMC would consider.

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    In Conference Calling, use logic in Icons and calling buttons to prevent Drop Party Error

    Suggested by Ron Campbell Rejected  0 Comments

    Currently( within the Adapter, a user can call an outside line, and then conference this call with another user.


    A session is created with all of the callers involved, beneath each calling session there are purple buttons.

    If the originating caller hits the purple phone Icon, a Drop Party Error popup is received.


    If the user hits the red phone Icon below the entire session, which is also active, they are allowed to drop out of the call.


    We would like for the purple phone Icon either to drop the caller out of the call, or be unavailable to avoid causing the Drop Party Error

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    To archive the CM logs after they reach the limit instead of overwriting

    Suggested by Kris Soekiatno New  1 Comments

    The CTIModule log has a limit size administered in the config file and it is getting override. Princess is looking into a way of archiving this logs into the server for debugging and troubleshooting