This Reference Guide outlines the various options available on the AMC Technology (AMC) Customer Portal.  Some options like reading Knowledge Articles, Forum Posts, and Ideas do not require a login so feel free to navigate to the portal and look around. 

AMC Technology Customer Portal Link: Customer Portal

Viewing, Creating, or Updating tickets and creating Posts or Ideas will require a login. Customer Portal registration is available to all customers with an active maintenance agreement.  Only registered users will be able to log into the portal.  If you have not received an invitation and require access to the portal, please send your request to:

Portal Support.

Important:  Please be sure the “amctechnology.com” domain is set within your “allowed” email domains to be sure you receive important emails from AMC Technology.

Customer Portal Sign In

If you are currently not logged into the portal, you may access knowledge articles and browse forum posts and ideas.  Once logged in you may participate in the posts/ideas and view/create/update support tickets.

To sign in, click the Sign In button on the top right of the menu bar.

Add your user name and password to the fields provided and click the Sign In button below your credentials.

If you receive an invalid sign-in attempt, try again.

If you continue to receive an invalid sign in attempt see: Forgot Password

New User Registration

Portal users are usually added during the implementation phase of the solution, if for some reason your user has not been added or you require additional users be added, open an AMC support ticket or send an email to:

Portal Support

Note: Only known Customer Contacts are permitted login privileges.

If emailing, the email should state your First and Last Name, the company you work for as well as your title.  Send the email from your Company email address.

If you are a Partner, in addition to above information, specify the Company you would like to be associated with in the system.  Please supply the contact information of the person from that company that is sponsoring you.

It is recommended you use your email address as your user name.  You will need to add a valid email address to complete the registration process.

Once you have been verified, you will receive an email with a registration link and instructions.  Click the link and follow the instructions to log into the portal.

The first page you land on will be your profile page.  Be sure the information on the page is correct and change/update if necessary.

Important: Please be sure to verify your email address in your profile, if you do not verify, you will not be able to use the forgot password option in the future.

Forgot Password

If you are already registered but have forgotten your password, click the “Forgot Password” link next to the “Sign in” button on the “Online Support Portal Login” page.

Once the “Forgot Password” page has loaded, enter the email address used during your registration (Email address that was added to your profile).  Once added, click the Send button.

Check your email for the “Confirm your account” email and follow the instructions to complete your registration.

Important: If you did not verify your email address on your profile page, you will not receive an email.

If you do not receive a “Confirm your account” email, either your email address has not been confirmed on your profile or you may have used a different address when you registered.  Either way, please send a note to Portal Support to reset your password.

Note:  Due to phishing, forgot password will not error if you enter an invalid email address or the system does not recognize your email address.  If you do not receive an automated email within 30 minutes when you use Forgot Password, please email Portal Support.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base contains articles covering common questions and issues and can be browsed by category or keywords.  To performed a search, click the search icon on the menu or use the search capabilities on the home screen or the help desk screen.

To search by category, click the Knowledge Base menu item and then select the category you wish to view.

Note:  When creating a case, the title will work as an intrinsic search showing possible articles for the case you are trying to create.  Please take some time to look at these articles before creating a ticket.

Help Desk

Here you can search the entire site for information, view active/open or closed tickets, create a new ticket, update tickets, resolve/cancel existing tickets, or reopen a ticket.

Note:  User must be logged into the portal to view, create, update, resolve, or cancel tickets.

View tickets

Users can view tickets by navigating to Help Desk page.

All tickets for your account(s) will be visible here as long as you are currently logged into the portal.  If you do not see the ticket you are looking for try using the search option on the case page or changing the view to closed cases to see if the case you are looking for has been closed.

Create Service ticket

If you cannot find the information you are looking for through the knowledge base, you may be required to create a ticket to resolve your issue.

While on the Help Desk page, click the “Open a New case” button.

The New Case page will open where you can add information associated with your issue.

The page is made up of text and drop down fields.  The text fields either have a short explanation of the information required in the field or the user may hover over the label to see a short explanation of the field.

Fields with an Asterisk are Required.

Important: Partners: If you are creating a ticket for your customer, be sure to select the correct customer in the customer field by clicking the magnifying glass next to the field and selecting the customer you are creating the ticket.

Click the “Attach a File” to upload additional information that could help the success engineer resolve your issue.  Files such as Screen Shots and Step by Step videos are very helpful (These should be compressed before adding).  It is a must to attach the AMC Technology logs.  If you are not familiar with AMC Technology logs, there are knowledge articles which will guide you through the process of gathering.

Important: Files 20MB or greater will not upload.  User must upload the files to the AMC Technology FTP site: ftp://ftp.amctechnology.com.  If you do not know your User/Password for the AMC FTP site, check the bottom of the "Open New Case" page.  If the FTP information is blank (Note: Customer field must be populated to show FTP information), please contact Portal Support.

Once you have entered all the appropriate information, click the Submit button.

You will receive an automated email acknowledging the ticket was created.

If for some reason the ticket was not filled out correctly (including attached logs), first level support will send a request for additional information.

Note:  When creating a ticket, the title will work as an intrinsic search showing possible articles for the ticket you are trying to create.  Please take some time to look at these articles before creating the ticket.

Update Tickets

Navigating to Help Desk page.

Select the case you wish to update by clicking the case number then click the Add Comment button.  Add the appropriate information and files required for your update then click the submit button.

Your new update will be added to your case timeline and AMC will be notified of your update.

Note:  Users must be logged into the portal to update tickets.  If you do not see the Add Comment button, scroll down on the case page.

Response and Resolution Targets

See: Response and Resolution

Note:  Once AMC resolves a ticket, a short survey will be sent.  Please take a couple minutes to complete the survey and let us know how we are doing, we value our customers input!


Check out the latest posts from our customers and news from AMC!

Everyone can read threads and posts, you only need to log into the portal to add your own thread or post.


View Thread

Navigate to the Forum page and click the thread you wish to read.

To navigate to the last post of a thread, click the blue right-hand arrow to the right of the thread

Threads prefixes:

Sticky – Usually created by AMC stating latest news.  These threads will always be at the top of the list.  Only AMC Admin can set a thread to Sticky

Check Mark – This thread has been answered

Question Mark – This thread is still awaiting an answer

Create Thread

  • Navigate to the forum page
  • Click the “Create a new thread” button. 
    • Add your thread title
    • Type of Thread you want to create
      • Discussion – Start up a discussion with AMC or other customers
      • Question – Ask your question here to be answered by AMC and/or customers who know the answer to your question
      • Problem – Have a problem and want to get feedback by multiple people, add it in the forum instead of creating a case
    • Add the content for the forum thread
    • Add any files you think may help with your thread (Screen shots, Videos, Logs, etc…)
    • If you do not wish to receive emails when someone posts to your thread, remove the check from the “Subscribe to this thread”
    • Click the submit button and your new thread will be created

Note:  If you have a thread that has been answered, please click the green check mark in the top right of the post to set it as the answered post. 


Any logged in user can post to a thread.

Posts can be added and updated.

Create Post

Select the thread you wish to add a post by clicking the thread link then click the “Post a reply” button.

Once the post window appears, add your content and any files required to support your post then click the “Post this reply” button

Update Post

Open the thread that requires the post update.

In the top right-hand area of the post, click the “Update post” button.

Update the post and click the “Update Post” button.

Note:  A user can only update a post they have created.


AMC values your input.  If you have an idea that could benefit the AMC solution, please let us know!

If you like an idea someone has already posted, click the up-arrow button and add a vote!  Additional votes show the idea is popular and helps AMC determine if the idea fits our customer’s needs/requirements.

View Ideas

Log into AMC portal and navigate to Ideas

Ideas can be read from the list and only need to be selected if the description is too long or you would like to add a comment to the idea.

Use filters to see specific ideas you may be interested in:

Category – Top, Hot, and New: Top and Hot show what is trending and have the most vote while new sorts by the latest ideas added.  Categories work in conjunction with the other filters.

Status – Select a specific status to see ideas that may already be accepted or completed or set to any to see all ideas.

From – Date filter to limit the number of ideas to a specific timeframe.

Ideas can also be searched.  Use the “Search Ideas” field to look for a specific idea using a single word or common phrases (Phrases should be enclosed in double quotes).  Both titles and content will be searched.

Please search for ideas before creating a new idea.

Create Idea

After searching current suggestions for your idea, you may want to add a new idea.

Note:  If you find an idea that would fulfill your requirement, please vote on that idea.

  • Log into AMC portal and navigate to Ideas.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and locate the “Suggest a New Idea” form
  • Enter the title and description of your idea (Please be a descriptive as possible, this will help other customer in determining if they should vote for your idea)
  • Once you have all the information required, Click the “Submit Idea” button
  • You will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your idea.
    • Please seeIdea Disclaimer which explains the process AMC takes to integrate your idea into our solution.


Clicking the magnifying glass (Search Icon) in the top menu allows the user to search the entire customer portal for information or filter to a specific area of the portal such as Knowledge Base.

After clicking the Search Icon, determine the filter you would like to use (defaults to All), enter the text you wish to search on, and press enter key or click the search icon next to the text you entered.

Results will show with a tag under the search items stating the type of result the item is (Knowledge Base, Forum, etc…)


If you have not already signed in, click the “Sign In” menu and log into the portal with your user name and password.  As above, if you do not currently have a user name, you will need to contact Portal Support to receive an invitation to the portal.

Once signed in, click you name at the right of the portal menu bar.  In the dropdown that appears, click Profile.

Here you can change your password and user specific information.

Note:  Only “Public Profile Copy” can be seen by other users.

Important:  If you see a message to confirm your email address, you have not completed the registration process.  Please click the confirm email button and follow the instructions emailed to you.  This will allow you to use the “Forgot Password” feature in the future, if for some reason you forget your password.  If you used something other than your email address for your user name and you do not remember your user name, you will need to contact Portal Support

Portal Issues?

If you are unable to access or have issues using Portal, please contact AMC Technology at Portal Support or by calling +1 (800) 390-4866.

8:30 AM to 5:30 EST/EDT Monday-Friday (Except US Holidays).