AMC uses a structured planning process and utilizes Sprints to add product enhancements on an ongoing basis. We collect requests from both internal and external resources, prioritize them, and decide which features get added to our products.  Several product enhancement requests (PERs) may be combined into a single new feature or one PER may initiate several separate enhancements.  AMC is committed to improving our products on an continual basis to provide the most value to our customers, and it’s input from people like you that make this possible.

Because of the structured process outlined above, we’re unable to confirm whether a specific PER will be accepted or not, or if it is accepted, the time frame to which it may be included in a future product. If accepted, the status on your idea will be change to accepted.  You will receive an email at this time stating it was accepted.  Once completed, you will again receive an email stating it has been completed.  Please reach out to AMC Technology support to schedule a time for the enhancement to be implemented into your system.

Please keep in mind that decisions to purchase our product should be made on the current features of the product only and not on an anticipated future feature.