Contacting Support

Before contacting support, it is recommended that you read the support guide to be sure you have all the information required to help us resolve your issue.


The best way to keep track of your Support Ticket!

Online Portal (You are already here):

Search the knowledge base for self-support or log a support request 24/7


Phone: +1 (800) 390 4866 (Toll Free in United State and Canada)

Availability: 8:30 to 17:30 EST/EDT Monday – Friday (Excluding US/AMC holidays)


Send an email to

Note: Although Email is a very important communication channel, it should not be used for initial communication: Emails do not automatically create tickets.  Create the ticket and update the ticket online, use email for escalations and follow up if you are not getting the response you expected from support.

Availability: 8:30 to 17:30 EST/EDT Monday – Friday (Excluding US/AMC holidays)

Product Enhancements

Have an idea for a product enhancement?  Let us know! 

Add your ideas here: AMC Technology Ideas.  We encourage customers, partners and employees to submit ideas to help AMC continually improve our products. Submissions will be reviewed, prioritized and possibly scheduled for a future product feature Enhancement.

Please note: A portal login will be required.  If you do not have a Portal Login and would like one, please let us know Request Portal Access.

Implementation Support

Customers can install AMC products on their own or request AMC Professional Services to have an experienced AMC SE perform the task required to implement the solution:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Pre-Installation checks
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Testing
  • Training
The result, a solution build to meet the business expectations. 

Looking for Software?

Premise and Hybrid Customers can download software from the Installation page per their solution: DaVinci

Cloud customers can add the App they are looking for per Creators Studio.

Platform Changes

AMC allows customers to swap-out their software!  We realize there is a competitive market out there for CRM and CTI products.  If you decide to migrate to another CRM or CTI and AMC has a supporting Adapter/Driver, you can swap out our current Adapter and/or Driver at no additional license cost.  AMC is here to help.  Just let us know and we will send you a link for the software.  If you require assistance from AMC Professional Services to perform the switch, let us know.

Check the AMC Technology Web Site for available Adapters and Drivers.

Support Levels

AMC Technology uses a three tiered support structure.  If at any time throughout the life of a support ticket, the customer does not feel they are getting the correct level of support, they may ask to have the ticket escalated.

Requests for technical support can be submitted via our online support portal anytime or you may request support through our support line: +1.800.390.4866 (Select the Solution from the phone menu). If further contact is necessary, your technical support representative and our SE can agree on the communication method.

First Level

Available 8:30 ~ 17:30 EST/EDT Monday ~ Friday (Excluding US holidays and Friday after Thanksgiving)

Tickets created online will be reviewed and analyzed for proper content.  If ticket requires additional information, the ticket will be updated stating the additional information required.  Customer is expected to review any updates and provide the additional information required.

Customers calling into AMC Support will be asked a series of questions to create a ticket.  Once the ticket is created it will determine if the ticket requires logs for analysis.  If the ticket does require logs, the customer is responsible for attaching necessary logs to the newly created ticket.

Once the support ticket has all the required information, the ticket is moved to Second Level.

Second Level

Available 8:30 ~ 17:30 EST/EDT Monday ~ Friday (Excluding US holidays and Friday after Thanksgiving)

The support ticket and/or logs will be analyzed for a solution or possible workaround.  The SE will troubleshoot based on the customer environment and, when possible, use internal AMC labs to try recreate and rectify the issue. If solution/workaround cannot be found, the ticket will be moved to Third Level.

Third Level

Available 8:30 ~ 17:30 EST/EDT Monday ~ Friday (Excluding US holidays and Friday after Thanksgiving)

Additional analysis will be performed by an expert in the specific solution(s) associated with the ticket opened.

A determination will be made if a bug fix is required.

A resolution or workaround will be given within the appropriate resolution time based on service level.

Version Support

AMC recommends that customers be on the latest software version.  If a ticket is raised, support will analyze the issue and determine if the software should be updated prior to further analysis.  If the software is deemed “out of date”, support may recommend a software upgrade prior to moving forward on the ticket.

Response and Resolution Targets

See: Response and Resolution

Hours of Business

AMC business hours are 8:30 ~ 17:30 Monday ~ Friday Excluding United States Holidays as well as the day after Thanksgiving. 

After Hour Services

AMC realizes not all tasks can be performed within AMC’s hours of business.  Should your business require an AMC resource after hours, AMC can provide a quote for such time.  Please ask your SE if after-hours support is required.

For more information on After Hours, see: After Hours

Software Updates and Bug Fixes

AMC provides three types of releases as part of a Subscription/Maintenance agreement.  The customer must have a Subscription or support maintenance contract to receive software updates/fixes.


Minor Release

Major Release

An individual bug fix

Hotfix roll-up

Feature enhancements

Low Priority Bug Fixes

Minor release roll-up

Core Software Changes

Release as needed to Customers experiencing an issue related to the specific bug fix

Release as needed to Customers experiencing an issue related to the specific bug fix

Customers emailed of latest release.  If customer is more than two Major releases back, they must upgrade.

Test System

AMC recommends a test environment be purchased.  Test systems should be used to test new fixes/releases from AMC or any vendor that may affect the performance of AMC products.