• Quick text like in SFDC console

    We would like to have user maintained quick text that would be saved at the user level. Users can then save the text they use more often to have it easily put into the description to save a ton of time typing
  • Bundle new installs to be automatic

    Today any time there is an update there are like 50 things the admin must do. Why not have one .exe file that does most of the work for you? Today it leaves the door open for too much human error because of all the manual steps that must be done.

    When SFDC installs an update, there is nothing for me to do and the install is done in 5 minutes
  • Clearing cache necessary too often

    We are constantly having to clear cache and cookies for one reason or another. Doing so almost always fixes whatever the issue was. Today a user saw yesterday's recent calls still in there. She cleared cache and cookies and all was good

    the enhancement request is

    Upon logging out of your product, clear any cache or cookies that were created when your product loaded
  • Able to enter related to and name after you hang up from call

    We should be able to enter the name and/or the related to in the soft phone window after we hang up. It should only work if you have only one recent call expanded and then you can enter the name and/or related to. Better yet, make the related to and name fields look ups. That way they can populate while on the phone or after you hang up you can look up the record that needed to be there
  • Let us EASILY see who is logged in

    We desperately need this info because if the system says someone is logged in and they on their machine show not logged in, that is a great tool to troubleshoot