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We have a business scenario that when certain flagged customers are calling, we want level 1 support agents to be able to forward those calls immediately to level 2 support agents without even talking to the customer. The customer should not feel the forwarding happening and these customers shouldn't speak with level 1 agents.
Is there an ability to forward the incoming call to another number without picking it up and talking to the caller?
We understand that there may be a pick-up and forwarding technically done on the backend, but the point is that from customer's perspective it should feel like as if agent 2 is the first person answering the call.
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  • Thanks for posting your idea to our forum.  This is what is known as a deflect, which may be already supported in your configuration.  As our teams are working closely together, we'll be sure to address this.  Thanks.
  • Thank you for posting your idea to our forum.  As Communicated by Tony, this can be achieved using the Deflect feature of our softphone.