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Ability to overtake extension in CTI login process.
Currently when an extension is “used” by CTI and a user didn’t log out properly (or when used CTI in incognito window which got closed), then there is a conflict in logins when another user (or the same user after closing incognito window) tries to log into CTI with the same extension. It returns an error and blocks the login. This requires to use Agent Logout Tool. But the logout tool is given to supervisors (at least at Home Depot), so it adds logistics to ask supervisors to log users out. A much cleaner experience would be if the function of Agent Logout Tool was integrated into login process, so that when a user is logging in, say, with agent ID 12345 and extension 34567 but this extension is already “used” by CTI, then CTI UI asks the user if he wants to overtake the extension in CTI. Similar like Avaya phones have a function to take over an extension if you are logging in with an extension which is already logged in for another phone. This can be achieved by running agent logout tool algorithm on the background upon conflicted login, because you already have all the inputs when agent is trying to log in: you know the system he is using, his login, Agent ID, extension, password (if applicable) because the agent entered them in the login window. Such “extension overtake” ability would make it a clean experience rather than login frustration currently experienced by our associates daily. Imagine trying to log in your gmail mailbox and getting a blocking error that you already logged in from another computer, so call our 1-800 support number to log you out of that other computer so you could log in here. Adoption rate wouldn’t be there.
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  • Thanks for posting your idea to our forum.  The AMC Team will reach out to get more information on this.