Suggested by Sander Van Bushbach Completed 

The Avaya Send NN feature, configured under a button, gives the call center agent the ability to change its caller id, to show to the person he/she is calling, to another number than its personal number. This is required for agents that support fi. multiple brand related customer phone numbers. The agents have with Send NN the ability to identify themselves as calling from the number linked with the customer number for that particular brand. In Avaya One X agent softphone this is working fine, but we have no function/button in Canvas/Davinci that can be used to have the same functionality. This blocking an agent to use the AMC Technology softphone. 
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  • Thank you Sander for submitting your idea. We will bring this in our next Product  discussion and will keep you updated.
  • Sander and team,

    This enhancement is now being logged and prioritized as per your communication with AMC Support team.
  • Sander and team,

    Thank you for your patience. As communicated to you by AMC Support, this enhancement is now complete and a hotfix has been created.