Suggested by Ron Campbell New 


We have CallVariable4, which is for a Banner ID for a student, an account number.


CallVariable4 is tied to this field within Salesforce Account.Banner_ID__c, though there are times when it can be tied to Contact.BannerID__c


I have tried adding within CAD Popup Key the following with also Praveen’s suggestion with the potential that if the first call variable failed, it would try on the second




That did not work.  The only way it would work is to use one or the other.


We need to have a method of failing over on the CAD Popup Key so that if it does not find the CallVariable under one Salesforce Field and there is a set listing for a second CallVariable that it would search that one as well.

Status details

We offer a search hierarchy, but not a way for single field to perform multiple searches.