Suggested by Ron Campbell Rejected 

When a call is presented in Preview and a second call comes in, we have noticed;

if that second call comes in, it does not pop the record

If that second call has two records attached to that number, it shows the names, but does not give the Advanced search options


What we would like to see happen for that second call coming in is that the record for the second call is popped, or if it is attached to 2 records or more it gives the advanced search pop up, as it does if it is a single call.

Comments (1)
  • This is a significant change of behavior that applies to any situation when a second call is delivered while the agent is working an existing interaction.  For example, the agent could be on an ACD inbound call and receive a second DID inbound call.


    The reason that there is no screen pop is it's rarely, if ever, appropriate to interrupt an existing interaction with a new incoming interaction.  If the agent is on a current phone call or in after call work and receives a screen pop, ongoing work context will be lost.  In the case of preview, interrupting the agent in a timed preview scenario could still trigger the dial (if not using direct preview).  Interrupting a preview transaction before dial, even if not timed preview, will skew dialer statistics for preview time.  And the preview context may be lost.

    Because the adapter executes the search and the search match context is available within the softphone, the agent can always execute a screen pop in the case of a single or multi-match.  Is there additional value to open the advanced search page for multi-match? 

    One possible enhancement is to allow users to retrigger screen pop once the preview call is handled, by skipping or rejecting the preview record.