Suggested by Ron Campbell Accepted 

In trying to chase down errors, it is very difficult managing the massive CTI Module log.

Even expanded to a high trace max size, it wraps around through a single day so that if you return to it looking for the mornings logs they are overwritten, and if you expand it any more, it won’t open in standard text editors so is unviewable.


Could a way be provided to expand on the archiving tools available before to allow a log to be archived automatically through the day to a manageable sixed file that can be compressed and left available for a configurable amount of days before being deleted as can be done on the Get Logs tool?

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  • What is the requirement for maintaining historical logs?  Most customers only use log files to send AMC immediate diagnostics.  AMC recommends that log files be sized so they wrap after two (2) hours.  This gives most customers time to identify an issue and capture the logs.  For some complex intermittent issues becomes necessary to capture a longer period. 

    There are a number of free editors available that can load very large (multi-megabytes).  Two that we use at AMC are:

  • Hi All,

    We would like this functionality for our customer base. This would assist in troubleshooting intermittent issues that probably only occur few times a day. With a 2 hour window (example), it would be hard to access the logs in time to review.

    Most of the applications we deploy have log file rotation functionality which can be configured based on date/time duration or size and it would be nice to see this in Contact Canvas to possibly co-relate issues from other integrated systems.

    Presently for one of our customers, we have configured a 500-700mb log file and while opening on Notepad++, it feels like it is lifting a boulder.