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are there any APIs that could be used for adding users on an automated daily basis?
we are going through system migration changes and need to configure all the agents in the administration portal and also users in the Davici Creators Studio,
after we create the Agents in UCCE servers.
until now we needed to create an agent user id in the AMC IA Configuration Manager,
importing could work for bulk users, at the start, not for day to day changes.
we have created an automated process that gets the Users info from A.D. configures phone extensions in the CUCM, creates Agents in the UCCE servers, each one according to his/hers designated call center, all automated using different API's.
releasing API's we could use (in combination with the OKTA automated login) would be very much helpfull for agent managment.
THANKS and best regards
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  • Thank you for logging this idea. At this point, this idea has been accepted and is being marked as a Roadmap item for Q1 of 2023.