Suggested by Chinmay Kumar Completed 

Whenever a user's physical phone is swapped or new hires are onboarded, meaning that an extension gets mapped to a new phone, we are having to restart our CTD (Click-to-dial) (AMC contact canvas) servers thereby causing a disruption to all users using CTD. If we don't restart, the extension shows up as being associated with both devices on the TAPIMaster Line Watcher app, even if it's dissociated from the Call Manager side. So, CTD stops working for the user until the whole server is restarted and Comm Session components are recycled from the Siebel side. This process of restarting the server/services for just 1 user is causing disruption to all users. Can we include functionality to reset it for just the affected user?

Below is our current product versions for reference:
Siebel, AMC Contact Canvas and Cisco Call Manager TSP
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  • Thank you Chinmay for submitting your idea. We will bring this in our next Product  discussion and will keep you updated.
  • Thank you Chinmay for your patience. The Customer Success Team would have reached out to you as this enhancement is now complete and is available to Customers.