• Enable SSO with Windows AD or a Cloud based solution

    I know there is a option for SSO by passing credentials from the web browser, but this works mostly with IE only and IE is not compatible with salesforce lightning. Would be good to have the option to link the AMC users to a AD so they can use SSO features to log in instead of entering their AMC pw every time they log in.
  • Enable bookmarks for SAP BCM<->Salesforce integration

    Bookmarks are a powerful feature that would be nice to be enabled for SAP BCM<->Salesforce integration, this will give us capabilities that at the moment cannot be accomplished in our Service Cloud environment
  • Enable Click to Dial feature on transfers

    In Salesforce integration when an agent needs to transfer a call he needs to manually type in the phone where he wants to transfer the call , would be useful if the agents could use the click to dial feature to start a transfer an not just to initiate a completely new call.
  • Enable transfer while on hold

    Sometimes Agents needs to hold the customers before initiate a transfer, currently in salesforce integration agents cannot put the customer on hold and then initiate a transfer.