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    Dial numbers with Extensions with click to dial

    Suggested by Grant Smith Rejected  0 Comments

    Possibly allow x1234 or (###) ###-####; 1234 that way the click to dial recognizes a pause.

    Other option allow the call to go through with the  (###) ###-#### and Extension without error where then the User would still see the extension and enter it in when prompted saving the use of a Custom Field to house and Extension.

    Thank you for your consideration

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    AMC Agents Monitoring

    Suggested by DSI_Telecom IMA Rejected  1 Comments

    We need to consult metrology about AMC server. Could we have some methods to supervise realtime and statistics CTI activity ? (current agents logged, Amount of CMService interactions, performance or error etc...)



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    Add a parameter that reverses the default object association from last to first, to first to last.

    Suggested by Steve Haskell Rejected  0 Comments

    When agents do outbound calling it is required by some clients, that the adapter will associate the object that is viewed  first (object from where the call was placed), and link the task to that object.  Then list each object viewed after that in first viewed to last viewed order, so an agent can change the association if needed.

    Currently the AMC adapter associates the last object  viewed, and  lists objects in last viewed to first viewed order.  Outbound agents have to manually change each task.

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    Call Variables should be able to search multiple fields within Salesforce

    Suggested by Ron Campbell Rejected  1 Comments


    We have CallVariable4, which is for a Banner ID for a student, an account number.


    CallVariable4 is tied to this field within Salesforce Account.Banner_ID__c, though there are times when it can be tied to Contact.BannerID__c


    I have tried adding within CAD Popup Key the following with also Praveen’s suggestion with the potential that if the first call variable failed, it would try on the second




    That did not work.  The only way it would work is to use one or the other.


    We need to have a method of failing over on the CAD Popup Key so that if it does not find the CallVariable under one Salesforce Field and there is a set listing for a second CallVariable that it would search that one as well.

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    Contact Canvas - Realtime Debug Trace Level

    Suggested by Rejected  1 Comments

    The ability to modify the trace level for the different log files that are generated without a restart of the services:




    Having to restart services during production hours is not always feasible unless we have a critical issue that needs to be corrected.

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    Enable transfer while on hold

    Suggested by Sebastian Alvarez Rejected  0 Comments

    Sometimes Agents needs to hold the customers before initiate a transfer, currently in salesforce integration agents cannot put the customer on hold and then initiate a transfer.

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    Enable bookmarks for SAP BCM<->Salesforce integration

    Suggested by Sebastian Alvarez Rejected  0 Comments

    Bookmarks are a powerful feature that would be nice to be enabled for SAP BCM<->Salesforce integration, this will give us capabilities that at the moment cannot be accomplished in our Service Cloud environment

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    Add functionality to support call recording

    Suggested by Aimee Stinson Rejected  0 Comments

    manually initiate call recording

    notification of call recording in progress

    reporting or pointer to call recording

    *support for Nice, Calabrio

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    Specify Default WorkMode During Login

    Suggested by Karthik Jayaraman Rejected  0 Comments

    Hello everyone :)

    Here is what we are looking for from the AMC OpenCTI adapter. Please read below for more details.


    Current Setup
    1. Cisco PG Server has the default workmode set to "Auto In", i.e. the parameter /defworkmode auto has been added
    2. Phone has the setting to "Manual In"


    1. How do we specify the work mode in OpenCTI server/CRM profile during either login to the phone (OR) changing the state on the phone from Aux -> Ready?
    2. We are looking to set the work mode as "Manual In", so we can override the "Auto In" setting in the PG
    We cannot find any such parameter(s) in profile settings
    Can you please offer more details?


    What we are looking for?
    1. Leave the PG server with its default work mode as "auto"
    2. In AMC Contact Canvas Server, specify the work mode as "manual in"
    - either as a global setting during server startup
    - or, during an agent login, as an additional parameter
    - or, when changing state to Ready, as an additional parameter

    3. The "Pending Work Mode" feature is not going to help us as we would like to have the agents not have to choose additional options during a call.


    Appreciate your time and cooperation :)



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    Expand handling of Second call coming in while a Preview Call is Presented

    Suggested by Ron Campbell Rejected  1 Comments

    When a call is presented in Preview and a second call comes in, we have noticed;

    if that second call comes in, it does not pop the record

    If that second call has two records attached to that number, it shows the names, but does not give the Advanced search options


    What we would like to see happen for that second call coming in is that the record for the second call is popped, or if it is attached to 2 records or more it gives the advanced search pop up, as it does if it is a single call.