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    Not Ready (Auxiliary) Reason codes visibility on Presence status

    Suggested by Kajal Maheshwari Accepted  1 Comments

    Currently, when viewing agents in Da Vinci CTI, it shows their status but not the reason. E.g. if someone was on Lunch or Break, it would show as "Not Ready", but not the actual reason.

    It would be great to have the reason for their AUX. For example, some not ready reasons indicate the associate is actively working but not taking calls directly from a queue (e.g. Admin) whereas others indicate they are not available in general (e.g. Lunch).

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    releasing APIs for automation process for creating/deleting Agents

    Suggested by Gal Baruch Accepted  1 Comments

    are there any APIs that could be used for adding users on an automated daily basis?
    we are going through system migration changes and need to configure all the agents in the administration portal and also users in the Davici Creators Studio,
    after we create the Agents in UCCE servers.
    until now we needed to create an agent user id in the AMC IA Configuration Manager,
    importing could work for bulk users, at the start, not for day to day changes.
    we have created an automated process that gets the Users info from A.D. configures phone extensions in the CUCM, creates Agents in the UCCE servers, each one according to his/hers designated call center, all automated using different API's.
    releasing API's we could use (in combination with the OKTA automated login) would be very much helpfull for agent managment.
    THANKS and best regards

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    When customer ends the call just before agents, they will get this Release AMCAdapter error message

    Suggested by Kris Soekiatno Accepted  1 Comments

    When customer ends the call just before agents, they will get this Release AMCAdapter error message. In this very case only, can we silent the error message and do not popup any error or message and let the solution release or clear the call session/handle when user click on Release button in CTI Toolbar.

    However, we have seen the same Release AMCAdapter error message on several cases. ie, when call was made and disconnect immediately, when call reached to VM and disconnect; when the call got into busy signal and disconnect, when the call was invalid and disconnect. Those cases were producing the same error messages and we do not want to silent the popup error. 


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    ACW button currently not active when already on ACW

    Suggested by Denis Jupits Accepted  1 Comments

    After our agents finish calls they have ACW (After Call Work) status automatically turned on for 30 seconds. But when they need more time to do the work after the call, they press on ACW button on Avaya within those 30 seconds and it makes ACW status stay 'on' idefinitely, until it's manually switched to another one. However, in DaVinci ACW button is greyed out and isn't clickable when already in ACW status. Agents can't wait for 30 sec for it to expire and quickly click it because it's inconvenient and also always leaves the risk of another call coming in at that moment.

    Can we please make ACW button active and in black font, so that users can click it and don't need to go back to avaya phones for that?

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    Ability to overtake extension in CTI login process

    Suggested by Denis Jupits Accepted  1 Comments

    Ability to overtake extension in CTI login process.
    Currently when an extension is “used” by CTI and a user didn’t log out properly (or when used CTI in incognito window which got closed), then there is a conflict in logins when another user (or the same user after closing incognito window) tries to log into CTI with the same extension. It returns an error and blocks the login. This requires to use Agent Logout Tool. But the logout tool is given to supervisors (at least at Home Depot), so it adds logistics to ask supervisors to log users out. A much cleaner experience would be if the function of Agent Logout Tool was integrated into login process, so that when a user is logging in, say, with agent ID 12345 and extension 34567 but this extension is already “used” by CTI, then CTI UI asks the user if he wants to overtake the extension in CTI. Similar like Avaya phones have a function to take over an extension if you are logging in with an extension which is already logged in for another phone. This can be achieved by running agent logout tool algorithm on the background upon conflicted login, because you already have all the inputs when agent is trying to log in: you know the system he is using, his login, Agent ID, extension, password (if applicable) because the agent entered them in the login window. Such “extension overtake” ability would make it a clean experience rather than login frustration currently experienced by our associates daily. Imagine trying to log in your gmail mailbox and getting a blocking error that you already logged in from another computer, so call our 1-800 support number to log you out of that other computer so you could log in here. Adoption rate wouldn’t be there.

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    Make agent ID non-mandatory for logout via Agent Logout Tool

    Suggested by Denis Jupits Accepted  1 Comments

    Make agent ID non-mandatory for logout via Agent Logout Tool

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    transfer issue when less than 3 seconds

    Suggested by DSI_Telecom IMA Accepted  1 Comments

    If a warm transfer is completed in less than 3 second, this cause a error and the call freezes.

    Is it possible to reduce this timeout to a shorter value (0.5s?) to avoid this behaviour?


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    range of CDN numbers in conf.ini file

    Suggested by DSI_Telecom IMA Accepted  0 Comments

    The list of CDN has to be updated when adding new numbers.
    -> is it possible to add a range of numbers like "97**" for all numbers from 9700 to 9799. Instead of listing them one by one?

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    Settings that edit css for important divs in toolbar.

    Suggested by Raymond Garcia Accepted  0 Comments

    It would be nice to have some settings in the admin portal that allow for quick edits to the salesforce toolbar's css. For instance, the ability to change the font size in critical places could save time and make slight, yet valuable customizations very clear and easy to edit by a less technical user. 

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    AMC IA Configuration Manager not to allow creation of duplicate extension

    Suggested by Jacek Chodera Accepted  0 Comments

    This is a follow up on AMC-00269-S5L8F9

    We realized that the AMC IA Configuration Manager allows to create inconsistencies when adding new agents.
    In particular - it allows to assign many agents to the same extension. As a result we have had in the past many incidents related to the inconsistent setup.

    The AMC IA Config Manager should not allow to create an agent and assign it to an already existing extension.
    -> It is a kind request to provide a fix to this big.

    Kind regards,