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    To archive the CM logs after they reach the limit instead of overwriting

    Suggested by Kris Soekiatno New  1 Comments

    The CTIModule log has a limit size administered in the config file and it is getting override. Princess is looking into a way of archiving this logs into the server for debugging and troubleshooting

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    When customer ends the call just before agents, they will get this Release AMCAdapter error message

    Suggested by Kris Soekiatno Accepted  1 Comments

    When customer ends the call just before agents, they will get this Release AMCAdapter error message. In this very case only, can we silent the error message and do not popup any error or message and let the solution release or clear the call session/handle when user click on Release button in CTI Toolbar.

    However, we have seen the same Release AMCAdapter error message on several cases. ie, when call was made and disconnect immediately, when call reached to VM and disconnect; when the call got into busy signal and disconnect, when the call was invalid and disconnect. Those cases were producing the same error messages and we do not want to silent the popup error. 


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    Resetting Contact Canvas for specific users when device is swapped or new hires onboarded

    Suggested by Chinmay Kumar New  1 Comments

    Whenever a user's physical phone is swapped or new hires are onboarded, meaning that an extension gets mapped to a new phone, we are having to restart our CTD (Click-to-dial) (AMC contact canvas) servers thereby causing a disruption to all users using CTD. If we don't restart, the extension shows up as being associated with both devices on the TAPIMaster Line Watcher app, even if it's dissociated from the Call Manager side. So, CTD stops working for the user until the whole server is restarted and Comm Session components are recycled from the Siebel side. This process of restarting the server/services for just 1 user is causing disruption to all users. Can we include functionality to reset it for just the affected user?

    Below is our current product versions for reference:
    Siebel, AMC Contact Canvas and Cisco Call Manager TSP

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    Avaya SEND NN feature available in softphone (CANVAS/DAVINCI) for SAP C4 CTI

    Suggested by Sander vanbushbach Accepted  2 Comments

    The Avaya Send NN feature, configured under a button, gives the call center agent the ability to change its caller id, to show to the person he/she is calling, to another number than its personal number. This is required for agents that support fi. multiple brand related customer phone numbers. The agents have with Send NN the ability to identify themselves as calling from the number linked with the customer number for that particular brand. In Avaya One X agent softphone this is working fine, but we have no function/button in Canvas/Davinci that can be used to have the same functionality. This blocking an agent to use the AMC Technology softphone. 

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    ACW button currently not active when already on ACW

    Suggested by Deniss Jupits Accepted  1 Comments

    After our agents finish calls they have ACW (After Call Work) status automatically turned on for 30 seconds. But when they need more time to do the work after the call, they press on ACW button on Avaya within those 30 seconds and it makes ACW status stay 'on' idefinitely, until it's manually switched to another one. However, in DaVinci ACW button is greyed out and isn't clickable when already in ACW status. Agents can't wait for 30 sec for it to expire and quickly click it because it's inconvenient and also always leaves the risk of another call coming in at that moment.

    Can we please make ACW button active and in black font, so that users can click it and don't need to go back to avaya phones for that?

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    Ability to import bulk agents with Agent Id - password

    Suggested by Subramanyam Boyapati Completed  1 Comments

    Currently we are able to bulk import agents in administration tool but not able to upload password as part of the same file and we have been updating the password for all the agents manually after loading them into the system. As long as the number of users to be configured is less, its fine but we have an upcoming roll-out where we are going live with 125 users and it will be extremely difficult to update password for all the users manually. So please provision the ability to include password as part of the bulk import file.

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    ability to forward the incoming call to another number without picking it up and talking to the caller

    Suggested by Deniss Jupits Completed  2 Comments

    We have a business scenario that when certain flagged customers are calling, we want level 1 support agents to be able to forward those calls immediately to level 2 support agents without even talking to the customer. The customer should not feel the forwarding happening and these customers shouldn't speak with level 1 agents.
    Is there an ability to forward the incoming call to another number without picking it up and talking to the caller?
    We understand that there may be a pick-up and forwarding technically done on the backend, but the point is that from customer's perspective it should feel like as if agent 2 is the first person answering the call.

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    Make 4+ conference participants visible in UI

    Suggested by Deniss Jupits Completed  1 Comments

    Currently when 5th person joins the conference, the 4th one becomes invisible in UI. There is no business reason to take participants out of IU and make them invisible. Let all the participants be visible with scrolling option if they don't fit into the screen, so that it is known to the user who hears the conversation.

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    Ability to overtake extension in CTI login process

    Suggested by Deniss Jupits Accepted  1 Comments

    Ability to overtake extension in CTI login process.
    Currently when an extension is “used” by CTI and a user didn’t log out properly (or when used CTI in incognito window which got closed), then there is a conflict in logins when another user (or the same user after closing incognito window) tries to log into CTI with the same extension. It returns an error and blocks the login. This requires to use Agent Logout Tool. But the logout tool is given to supervisors (at least at Home Depot), so it adds logistics to ask supervisors to log users out. A much cleaner experience would be if the function of Agent Logout Tool was integrated into login process, so that when a user is logging in, say, with agent ID 12345 and extension 34567 but this extension is already “used” by CTI, then CTI UI asks the user if he wants to overtake the extension in CTI. Similar like Avaya phones have a function to take over an extension if you are logging in with an extension which is already logged in for another phone. This can be achieved by running agent logout tool algorithm on the background upon conflicted login, because you already have all the inputs when agent is trying to log in: you know the system he is using, his login, Agent ID, extension, password (if applicable) because the agent entered them in the login window. Such “extension overtake” ability would make it a clean experience rather than login frustration currently experienced by our associates daily. Imagine trying to log in your gmail mailbox and getting a blocking error that you already logged in from another computer, so call our 1-800 support number to log you out of that other computer so you could log in here. Adoption rate wouldn’t be there.

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    Ability to add digits to quick-dialed numbers via Quick Dial before initiating the call

    Suggested by Deniss Jupits Completed  1 Comments

    Ability to add digits to quick-dialed numbers via Quick Dial before initiating the call (for Quick Dial for both conferences and new calls). E.g. Quick Dial configured number is 1-800-777 and then user can add 7001, then press “call” and it’ll call 1-888-700-7001. This function is currently available on Avaya hard phones.