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    In Conference Calling, use logic in Icons and calling buttons to prevent Drop Party Error

    Suggested by Ron Campbell Rejected  0 Comments

    Currently( within the Adapter, a user can call an outside line, and then conference this call with another user.


    A session is created with all of the callers involved, beneath each calling session there are purple buttons.

    If the originating caller hits the purple phone Icon, a Drop Party Error popup is received.


    If the user hits the red phone Icon below the entire session, which is also active, they are allowed to drop out of the call.


    We would like for the purple phone Icon either to drop the caller out of the call, or be unavailable to avoid causing the Drop Party Error

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    Return "Invalid Password" error on log

    Suggested by Ian McLean Accepted  1 Comments

    Currently when logging into the softphone if a user enters an invalid password they receive a "Request Timeout" error.  This is confusing as it does not accurately reflect the reason for the error. Please have invalid password entry return an "Invalid Password" error.

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    Hide the MyCallsToday button

    Suggested by Ian McLean Completed  0 Comments

    When you are not using the "activities" feature the My Calls Today button still appears. This is confusing to users as the report ends up being blank.  Please add the ability to hide this button.

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    Add a parameter that reverses the default object association from last to first, to first to last.

    Suggested by Steve Haskell Rejected  0 Comments

    When agents do outbound calling it is required by some clients, that the adapter will associate the object that is viewed  first (object from where the call was placed), and link the task to that object.  Then list each object viewed after that in first viewed to last viewed order, so an agent can change the association if needed.

    Currently the AMC adapter associates the last object  viewed, and  lists objects in last viewed to first viewed order.  Outbound agents have to manually change each task.

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    Call Variables should be able to search multiple fields within Salesforce

    Suggested by Ron Campbell Rejected  1 Comments


    We have CallVariable4, which is for a Banner ID for a student, an account number.


    CallVariable4 is tied to this field within Salesforce Account.Banner_ID__c, though there are times when it can be tied to Contact.BannerID__c


    I have tried adding within CAD Popup Key the following with also Praveen’s suggestion with the potential that if the first call variable failed, it would try on the second




    That did not work.  The only way it would work is to use one or the other.


    We need to have a method of failing over on the CAD Popup Key so that if it does not find the CallVariable under one Salesforce Field and there is a set listing for a second CallVariable that it would search that one as well.