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    Provide ability to limit Search functionality for record pop

    Suggested by Ron Campbell Completed  1 Comments

    When popping a record in the Adapter, the current search functionality search all sfdc records for any matches, causing mismatches, especially with internal calls which can match other types of record names

    We would like to be able to limit this search to specific fields in specific objects, such as Prospects, Leads, Account


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    Track time between when a call is presented and answered

    Suggested by Ron Campbell Completed  1 Comments

    • We would like to be able to track the time between when a call is presented to an advisor and when the call is accepted.

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    Role based Accounts for Admin Portal

    Suggested by Ron Campbell Completed  0 Comments

    The Admin Portal is a very nice tool to use but we would like to suggest some enhancements.


    Role based Accounts – this tool has created a need for an admin role on each server, but to properly delegate responsibility for a task like this there should be a role that would only have access to the Agents tab.


    • Admin Role – Agents Tab only
    • 1st Level Support – Read only Agents Tab to confirm correct details
    • Developer Roles – All tabs, Multiple named accounts
    • Some sort of admin screen for these
    • Some Audit logs for changes made to the portal config



    Also, see your current Password change display, I assumed and I was right that the text boxes were current password, new password, confirm new password, but some labeling would eliminate any confusion.

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    Please Provide Unit Testing for Hot fixes

    Suggested by Ron Campbell Completed  1 Comments

    Given the depth needed for regression testing in dev environments for hotfixes, I feel there is a need to begin supplying unit test for hotfixes that test previous functionality after installation of a hotfix.


    Hope this is something that AMC would consider.

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    Provide Documentation on expected behavior of application

    Suggested by Ron Campbell Completed  2 Comments

    Throughout UAT we have been confronted by the users asking what exactly is the expected behavior of the adapter.

    There is no documentation on what should be expected when a user receives a call, transfers a call, holds a call, how calls relate.


    Can AMC provide a document for users to guide them in what to expect?

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    Hide the MyCallsToday button

    Suggested by Ian McLean Completed  0 Comments

    When you are not using the "activities" feature the My Calls Today button still appears. This is confusing to users as the report ends up being blank.  Please add the ability to hide this button.